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Our Bike fits follow the world renowned Bikefit System ensuring you get the very best out come for your bike fit.

The whole aim of the Bike fit is to help you experience the joy and wonder of cycling. We want to make sure no one stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort that can be addressed with a proper bike fit.

Bike Fitting and Bike Sizing are not the same thing. Often these two descriptions become intertwined but they are completely different. With that said, fitting a bicycle works best when you start with the right size bike; or at a minimum a bicycle that is close enough to your right size. 

Sizing a bicycle is not as complicated as you may have been led to believe, in part due to the reality that a good bike fit actually has little to do with the bicycle per se. Fitting a bicycle comes down to the contact points (connection points) between the cyclist and their bicycle. These five connection points are: right and left foot, the pelvis and right and left hands. So even if your bike is not the correct “size,” as long as you get the connection points in the ideal place you can still achieve a good and comfortable bike fit. 

A proper bike fit has more to do with the saddle, handlebars, brake levers and hoods, stem and, most importantly, shoes, cleats and pedals. 

Road Bike Contact Points
Time Trial Bike Contact Points

As long as you get the equipment within the bull’s-eye (range) you can achieve a proper and efficient bicycle fit. 

Our BikeFit focuses on getting a great bike ride and our business does not rely on selling you a bicycle, in fact here at Bikefixers we don't even sell bikes. Our unique position enables us to give you a non-biased opinion on the brand (or cost) of the bicycle you ride. We just care that your bike fits you.

Getting the connection points into the bull’s-eye is just a start to the bike fit. Not only do these points need to be in the correct area but you need to fine tune each specific connection. We need to assess and fine tune the bike part as it meets your body. Why? Bicycles are symmetrical (other than one crank sometimes being a little wider-from-center than the other) whereas the human body is not. For example at  the hands, just because you may have the correct length and angled stem does not mean you have the right shape and size of handlebar, the proper bar tilt/rotation, and/or brake levers and their location on the handlebars. Or for the feet, because you set the cleat fore/aft position does not mean its rotation, tilt and stance width are correct. 

The ultimate result between the bike and your connection to it is when the bicycle basically disappears. Once you no longer notice the bike and the only thing on your mind is your ride, the scenery and/or company then you have a good bike fit. Similarly while a bike racer may not care about the scenery, they do care how fast they are going and their position in the field. When a bike racer is not conscious about their bike (it disappears) they are experiencing a great bike fit. 

What is a Fit

The Main area's covered in the Bike Fit are:


  • Saddle Height​

  • Saddle Fore/Aft position 

  • Handlebar Positioning 

  • Bike Handlebar Width

  • Handlebar Reach and Drop

  • Road Handlebar Rotation 

  • Handlebar Height

  • Crank Length

  • The Foot/Pedal Connection 

  • Cleat Fore/Aft position

  • Cleat Side-to-Side Position 

  • Cleat Tilt 

  • Cleat Rotation 

  • Leg Length Issues

  • Pedal Stroke Analysis

The Full Bike Fit is performed with your Bike set up on a Turbo Trainer and normally takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete depending on the BikeFit Level you Require.

Please note that to get the best fit possible you need to wear your normal Cycling Jersey, Cycling Shorts and Shoes
during the Fitting session.

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Please Note Bookings for Bike Fits are only Taken for Saturdays on an Appointment Only Basis.