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Cytech Accredited

At Bikefixers, we understand the importance of keeping your bike in top shape. We offer a wide range of repair and servicing services to ensure that your ride is always in perfect condition. Our Fully Qualified Mechanic is highly experienced and trained to handle all kinds of bike repairs and maintenance.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you’ll find that our services are tailored to suit all levels of cyclists. We provide a friendly and professional service, so you can be sure that your beloved bike is in safe hands. Book your Bike in today to get it fixed and get back on the road.

Looking after your bike just got a whole lot easier.

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E-Bike Conversions

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to travel, Bikefixers is the place to go. We are an Authorised Partner for Boost UK e-bike conversion Kits and specialises in taking your regular bike* and transforming it into an electric bike. The process is simple and straightforward: We take your bike, add a motor and battery and customize it to your specifications.

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Pain-free performance starts at the pedal.

Your feet and legs are your engine. When they’re out of alignment, pain and fatigue can erode your power and enjoyment. The good news is that you can correct the leading causes of these issues and restore your comfort right here and now.

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