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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to travel, Bikefixers is the place to go. We are an Authorised Partner for Boost UK e-bike conversion Kits and specialises in taking your regular bike* and transforming it into an electric bike. The process is simple and straightforward: We take your bike, add a motor and battery and customize it to your specifications.

At Bikefixers, we provide quality service and ensure that each e-bike conversion is done with the utmost attention to detail. We believe that everyone should have access to sustainable transportation and we are committed to helping you find the best e-bike for your needs.

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a ‘normal’ bike, just with a motor added to help you up hills and keep going on the flat without lots of sweat. You can buy an e-bike from a manufacturer or convert your existing Bike* with a Boost kit, you can turn many bikes into a great e-bike.

The Boost system is rear wheel motor powered for a smooth, safe riding experience. Front wheel drive systems add weight to the front wheel and can feel uncomfortable in slippery conditions or in corners, compared with rear-motor bikes.

The UK and EU have specific regulations to determine whether a two wheeled bike is an e-bike or an electric motorbike (which would require registration and insurance). The Boost system is fully UK legal as an EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle). When buying other systems, make sure to ask if the kit is legal. If the kit features any kind of thumb throttle or exceeds 15.5mph, it is probably illegal and you could be fined or have points on your driving license.

What is the range?

We often get asked how far you can ride with a Boost kit; unlike when measuring the range off an electric car, there is no standard test and the big variable is the rider – the harder you pedal, the greater the range.

Our ‘formal’ range is 50km; you should be able to achieve more than 50km if you are pedalling on the flat and putting the same amount of effort on moderate hills. It requires 60 – 80w to maintain a bike speed of 20km on the flat on a bike with properly inflated tyres ( Not more than 10% of the journey should be on hills greater than 2% and with a maximum hill climb of 8%.

The Kit has been tested in south London and easily achieved over 50 kilometers / 31 miles. A customer in Belfast says he achieves over 100km per charge.

We do not recommend using the battery below 20% charge / 34v. The battery will safety cut-off at 31v.

Will Boost fit my bike?

Boost is designed for non-folding bikes with 26″, 27.5″, 28″, 700c & 29″ wheels. 

If you are unsure if the Boost will fit in your frame just give us a call or pop into the shop. Many Full suspension mountain bikes may not have space.

Boost cannot be installed on the following:

  • Bikes with Thru Axles

  • Tandems – the weight limit of the motor is 120kg bike + rider.

  • Kids bikes – Current UK EAPC Regulations state the minimum Age to Ride an E-Bike is 14.

  • Bikes with child seats – Childs’ seats will likely exceed the hub motor weight limit.

  • Folding bikes – Motor cables will eventually fail if routed over a bike fold. 

  • Bikes with Rear Hub Gears

  • Bromptons (coming Soon)

  • Bikes with hub brakes (some Dutch bikes)

  • Bikes that brake on reverse pedalling (some Dutch bikes)

*Bike must have Rear Dropouts

Technical Specifications


Voltage                            36v – 42v

Power (continuous)         250W

Power (peak)                   500W

Communications:           Bluetooth LE


Nominal Voltage              36v

Nominal Power                250W

Wheel diameter               16″ – 28″

Weight                              2.68kg above normal hub

Gear reduction ratio        1 : 4.4

Max torque @ 350W        42nm

Rated efficiency                > 82%

Installation width (OLD)   120mm (single speed) or 135mm (geared bike)

Axle size                           10mm

Cassette compatibility     Max 11 speed Shimano HG

Sensors                            Hall x 3, wheel, cog

Compliance                      IP54, CE


Voltage                             Lithium Ion 36v – 42v

BMS cutoff                      20A (720W)

Output                             USB 5v

Compliance                      CE

Order your Conversion Kit Here

The cost of converting your Regular Bike into an E-Bike is From Only £799

That Includes a New Fully Handbuilt Rear Wheel with the Rear Hub Motor,

Battery, Controller.

Option to have it Fully Assembled in our Workshop (Cost of Fitting & Replacement Parts (if Required) will be charged Separately on completion).

Please Note that the Current Lead-time is 2 to 4 weeks

Once the Kit arrives we will contact you to arrange to bring your bike into the Bikefixers Workshop for us to fit the Conversion kit to your Bike.

Once an Order has been received & confirmed it cannot be changed or Cancelled as each Conversion Kit is Ordered Specifically for your Bike.

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