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Bicycle Inner Tube Recycling Collection Centre

Schwalbe As a manufacturer, take responsibility for their products - even beyond their life cycle. With the Schwalbe Recycling System, we at Bikefixers are Now a Inner Tube Recycling Collection Centre, so we take care of the return of inner tubes in order for them to be recycled and avoid unnecessary waste in Land Fill. The aim is to use the recovered material in the production of new goods and to further increase the proportion of recycling. With this we want to take an important step towards the circular economy.

The best news is that all Bicycle Inner Tubes can be recycled under the scheme from any Manufacturer not just Schwalbe.

So if you have any Inner Tubes no longer in use then why not drop them into us at Bikefixers and we will do the rest.

And its ALL FREE to you the customer

No levies or disposal charges

Please note this is not a collection service so you will need to drop Used Inner Tubes off at the workshop at the address at the bottom of this page.

The Schwalbe Process



Every Schwalbe tube is 100% recyclable. The recycled one Butyl rubber can be used in the production of new hoses without loss of quality are used.



Used, unsorted hoses are the starting material for recycling. In Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and now also in Switzerland, we support the return process of old bicycle inner tubes with a collection procedure in which both bicycle dealers and end users can participate easily and free of charge.



To recover the butyl rubber, a proprietary devulcanization process was developed at the Schwalbe plant in Indonesia. This method has been used very successfully for years.


80% LESS

The energy balance of this recycling process is extremely positive, including all transport routes. 80% energy saving compared to producing the same amount of new butyl.


Every new Schwalbe standard hose already consists of around 20% recycled raw materials. We are constantly working on further increasing the proportion of reused material without adversely affecting the quality of the new hose.

So do your part and stop used Inner Tubes going into Land Fill drop them off at our Workshop at the address below.

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