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"Get Me Home" Classes

There’s nothing like riding a bike in top condition. The silent wheels. The seamless gear shifts. The smooth-running chain. But it takes a little love and maintenance to keep your ride in peak condition, however things can go wrong while your out on your ride and it can be so embarrasing to make that dreaded call to a loved one to come and pick you up. So that’s why we’ve set up the "Get Me Home" Bike Maintenance Classes. The idea of these classes is to give you the skills you need to carry out Roadside repairs to enable you to get home.

Whats Covered in the Class?

It would be impossible to cover every eventuality in the session but what we aim to cover is:


  • Bike component guide.

  • How to do a pre-ride safety check.

  • What tools & Spares to Carry with you on every ride.

  • How to change an inner tube (in double-quick time)

  • What to do if there is a split in the Tyre.

  • Brake adjustment.

  • Gear adjustment and what to do if a Gear Cable Breaks.

  • How to quickly True a Wheel in the event of a broken Spoke

  • Q&A with the Mechanic



* Please note that all of the above will be carried out on one of our demonstration bike. Sorry, but we can't work on customer bikes during the group session.

About the Sessions

These Classes can be run as a Group Session (Groups of  4 minimum)  at our workshop in Catherington. Our Mechanic is fully qualified to Cytech Level 2, which means he’ll have a trick or two up his sleeve that he’ll be happy to share with you.

Group Session 4 people

£15 per Person

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